Filled and unfilled turf sports fields – we have solutions for all types of users, be it professional football, tennis, youth academies or kindergarten-school environments.


Consider, that this sports field can be used 24 hours a day on all 365 days of the year. If you need this, the solution is an artificial grass field.

Műfüves sportpálya

Artificial turf pitches can be built in the place of already existing concrete handball courts on surfaces with hard pavement, or can be built new. For already existing surfaces we create a cheap but professionally correct and durable foundation for the artificial turf pitch. In our filled artificial turf systems the blades are longer and the quartz sand and rubber granules provide the necessary flexibility that improves the game experience. Our company as the manufacturer of SBR rubber with green coating prefers a more environmentally friendly and harmless rubber granule to be filled in the turfs.

In our unfilled turf systems the blades are shorter and there is only quartz sand between the blades. The essential flexibility is provided by the shock pad placed under the artificial turf. We recommend this system to places where it is unacceptable for stray rubber granule to be present around the field and where because of other specific health risks the extra cost can be tolerated.

The future lies in the new generation of artificial grass surfaces:

- The surface became softer and more flexible.
- The polyethylene filaments provide a softer and less scratchy surface.
- Its surface is filled with a combination of sand, granular rubber and crumb rubber to allow maximum performance for the players.
- Movement is easy on the court.
- There is a lower risk of injuries.
- Higher flexibility.
- The absorption of impact energy is higher compared to natural grass.
- Filaments with lower friction!
- It allows the players to move more easily and confidently, especially with sliding tackles.
- Good grip, slides during the game will not cause bruises!




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