The key to the long lifetime of a sports field is regular maintenance:

Areas with artificial turf also require maintenance, just like grass turf or other grass surfaces. The maintenance of artificial turs sports fields is not just done mechanically by hand, it also requires machine care. Because of the basic costs of these machines it is most economical if you order maintenance from a professional company, because being well equipped and being able to perform perfect work are essential for a sports course with a long life. Our company can undertake the maintenance of sports fields, we have a complete set of machines for this purpose. Regular maintenance is recommended for optimal performance and the longest possible life span of the sports field. When the field is used, the filling material can become too compact in sports, making the surface of the field uneven, worsening the game experience and making injuries during games more likely to happen.

Műfüves pálya karbantartás

Decompacting the filling material is one of the most important tasks:
If the mix of rubber granules and sand is contaminated by for example pine needles, leaves, moss or small pieces of stone it can cause problems on the long term. The field must be cleaned in the summer period just the same way it should be done during the autumn or winter. Contamination between the grass blades of the artificial turf can affect the quality of the field and can even shorten the lifespan of the artificial turf system. Removing contamination should therefore be a part of the daily routine.
The field must be brushed at least once a week to even out the filling material and straighten the grass blades. Brushing through the filling material makes the field even again.
Refilling the rubber granules is also an essential part of maintenance. If the quantity of the filling material is not sufficient, the blades of grass in the artificial turf might not wear evenly. The rubber granules must be replaced as soon as possible. Our company can offer an immediate solution for this as well, our own rubber granule coloring plant can provide you with the necessary quantity even on one day’s notice.
A gumigranulátumot is a lehető leghamarabb pótolni kell! Cégünk ebben is azonnali megoldást kínál, saját gumigranulátum színező üzemünkben akár aznap is rendelkezésére tudjuk bocsájtani a szükséges mennyiséget!
Of course the area around the sports surface must also be kept clean to prevent contamination from the viewing areas and the waste bins to get on the field.
The entire field must be brushed through at least once a week. Brushing as a work process is usually added to the everyday maintenance tasks for most artificial turf surfaces. The brushing cannot be done in wet or humid weather because the filling material (quartz sand and rubber granules) can stick together.
If we are trying to save money on cleaning it will result in more filling material being removed from the turf because of the constant use. Brushing only removes part of the dirt. Dispersing materials, from dust to smaller stones can infiltrates into lower layers of the surface, therefore with brushing we can only ensure the evenness and clean surface of the turf. To keep the lower layers clean there are more serious tools required.
The brushing can technically be done by a triangular brush that is provided for the finished sports fields, because of its wider brushing surface it can be more efficient than regular brooms that are available in stores.

A special leaf rake can be used to remove fallen leaves from the sports field. Fallen leaves are usually spread all around the field by the wind, therefore they cannot be removed by hand. Or at least not economically. The area is too big for that. In these circumstances the leaves must be removed every day.
If the dust and dirt are not removed with time, they can be a perfect base for the growth of weeds. Moss and algae can quickly start growing in the filling material especially in shaded areas at the edges of the field. Their removal by hand is very expensive and chemicals can only be used in very special cases. Dirt can always lead to the extreme hardening of the field and it can also reduce the turfs ability to be drained of water. The artificial turf can therefore be damaged.
The penalty area is the most critical area, because the filling material wears here the most, special care should be applied here.
Under- or overfilled artificial turf does not meet the manufacturer’s requirements. Depending on the filling material it can lead to the damage of the grass blades. Special attention should be payed to have the correct amount of filling material because it greatly impacts the life span of the turf.
Just 3 years of not sufficient maintenance can damage the turf quality so much that it can only be repaired by special maintenance.

If you would prefer to assign all these tasks to a professional sports field maintenance company, do not hesitate to contact us!

Request a quotation and if you choose us, we guarantee that you will be satisfied.




Műfüves pálya karbantartás
Műfüves pálya karbantartás
Műfüves pálya karbantartás
Műfüves pálya karbantartás
Műfüves pálya karbantartás
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